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从近几年高考英语写作题来看,总结为常考的24个话题。今天老师就为大家整理这24个话题经常涉及到的词汇、短语和优秀句型,大家一定要做好日常的素材积累,这样的话写作无论考什么话题,大家都能做到胸有成竹!老师已为大家备好电子打印版,文末附电子打印版免费领取方式,想要获取电子打印版请拉到文末。一、话题词汇1.absorb v.吸收;吸引……的注意2.activity n.运动;活跃3.admirer n.钦佩者;仰慕者4.afford v.肩负得起;给予;提供5.attitude n.态度;看法6.ban v.&n.克制,取缔;禁令7.budget n.预算8.career n.事业;职业9.cash n.现金10.celebrity n.名人11.circulate v.流传12.combine v.(使)联合;(使)组合13.conclude v.推断出,断定;竣事,终止14.consultant n.咨询者;照料15.consumption n.消费;消耗16.cough v.&n.咳嗽17.countryside n.农村,乡下18.defend v.防守,捍卫19.discourage v.使气馁;阻碍20.earning n.收入21.economically adv.在经济上;节俭地22.essential adj.须要的;基本的23.evolution n.进化;演变24.everincreasingadj.不停增长的25.financial adj.财政的;金融的26.firstrateadj.最高级的,最上等的27.fit adj.合适的;康健的28.harmful adj.有害的29.harmonious adj.和谐的;和气的30.hesitate vi.犹豫,犹豫31.improve v.改善;提高32.instructor n.教员,指导老师33.irresponsible adj.不卖力任的;不行靠的34.majority n.多数35.manufacturer n.制造商36.massive adj.大量的;庞大的37.mental adj.心理的;精神的38.moral adj.道德的;精神上的39.negative adj.消极的;否认的40.observe vt.视察;注意到;遵守41.phenomenon n.现象42.product n.产物43.professional adj.职业的;专业的44.prohibit v.阻止;克制45.purchase v.&n.购置;购置的工具46.psychological adj.心理的;心理学的47.relax v.放松;休息48.remain v.保持;依然;留下;剩余49.rural adj.农村的,乡下的50.riskfreeadj.无风险的51.savings n.存款52.security n.宁静53.sneeze vi.打喷嚏54.spoilt adj.宠坏的;损坏的55.spokesman n.讲话人;代言人56.strength n.力气;优点57.urgent adj.紧迫的;迫切的58.version n.版本;译文59.volunteer n.志愿者60.warmhearted adj.热忱的,热心肠的61.weaken v.变弱62.weakness n.弱点;软弱63.wellreceivedadj.受到接待的64.winwinadj.双赢的;互利互惠的二、话题词组/短语词组短语一:1.adapt to适应于……2.avoid contacts with制止与……接触3.be aware of意识到4.be bound to一定;肯定5.be classified as...被归类为……6.be devoted to专心于,献身于7.be ignorant of对……不知道,不相识8.be isolated from与……隔离9.broaden one’s horizon拓宽视野10.credit card信用卡11.develop a fever发烧12.driving forces驱动力,推动力13.draw up起草,制定14.face mask面罩15.famous scenic spots胜地16.far away遥远的17.food poisoning食物中毒18.food security食品宁静19.go up上升;增长;升起20.heavy pressure高压21.in favor of有利于;支持,赞同22.in possession of 拥有,占有23.in the long run久远;终究24.hot button敏感问题25.lack of没有,缺乏26.lose sight of忽略;看不见27.misunderstanding误解,误会28.moonlight clan月光族29.online education网络教育30.operate on对……动手术;对……起作用31.oppose to阻挡32.parttime job兼职事情33.pull down摧毁;推翻34.run into trouble陷入逆境之中35.release the pressure释放压力36.result in导致37.search for搜寻,搜索38.strong point特长,优点39.studying abroad出国留学40.surf the Internet网上冲浪41.take...for instance拿……来说,例如……42.the general public民众,群众43.underdeveloped region不蓬勃地域44.weak point弱点,缺点词组短语二:1. 掩护生存情况 protect living environment2. 掩护情况protect/preserve the environment3. 掩护生态情况 preserve/protect the ecological environment4. 提高人们的环保意识raise people’s awareness of environment protection5. 敬服树木花卉care for trees and plants6.骑自行车上班 ride bicycles to work7.课本/垃圾接纳使用recycle textbooks/trash8.乘坐公共交通take public transport9.正确处置惩罚垃圾 deal with rubbish properly10.节约能源/水 save energy/water11.不随地扔垃圾/吐痰 don’t litter/spit everywhere12.分类垃圾 sort the garbage13.克制滥用塑料袋ban abusing plastic bags14.克制在公共场所吸烟ban smoking in public places15.淘汰污染 reduce pollution16.控制人口增长 control the population growth17.降低青少年犯罪lower the rate of teenage crime18.智能手机 smart phone19.深化革新deepen reform20.把 ……思量进去 take sth into consideration21.科学生长观the Scientific Outlook on Development22.走中国特色社会主义门路follow the path of socialism with Chinese Characteristics23.无法忽视这一事实we cannot ignore the fact that24.不行否认there is no denying the fact that25.毫无疑问there is no doubt that; undoubtedly 三、话题佳句/句式经典句式:1.状语从句的省略It is OK to leave an electrical appliance on so long as you are using it—if not turn it off!只要你在使用电气设备,你可以让它开着,如果不用就关掉它。2.as long as引导条件状语从句As long as biomass is produced continuously—with only as much as is used—the “battery” lasts forever.只要物质能可以连续地发生,只要能够使用,这种“电池”就能连续到永远。

3.even if引导让步状语从句Even if we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases,the climate is going to keep on warming for decades or centuries.纵然我们开始淘汰二氧化碳和其他温室气体的含量,在未来几十年或几个世纪内,气候仍会连续转暖。4.已往分词(短语)作定语Many of the traffic accidents caused by drunkdriving have brought about traffic jams,injuries and even death.许多醉酒驾驶的交通事故已经造成了交通堵塞、受伤、甚至死亡。佳句二:(1)The Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life.网络在我们的生活中饰演着越来越重要的角色。

(2)On the one hand, it’s risky to make friends and shop online.一方面,网上结交和网上购物存在风险。(3)On the other hand, being lost in the Internet may affect our study and work.另一方面,着迷网络会影响学习和事情。

(4)A survey shows that 52% of students are lost in the Internet.一项观察显示,52%的学生着迷网络。(5)In my opinion, the Internet does bring us a lot of benefits.我认为,因特网简直给我们带来了实惠。(6)It remains a question how we can solve the problems concerning making friends on line.如何解决网上结交所发生的问题依然是个疑问。

(7)The problems that Internet has brought to us do exist, but we have to be rational.因特网给我们所带来的问题简直存在,可是我们必须要理性看待。(8)Every coin has two sides, so does the Internet.凡事都有两面性,因特网也是如此。(9)As for the government, it should take strong measures to punish those who cheat people on line.作为政府,应该接纳强有力措施处罚那些在网上行骗的人。佳句三:1. There is no doubt that sleeplessness is a serious problem among the high school students of our country. 毫无疑问,失眠是我国中学生的一个严重问题。

2. Talking of energy saving and greenhouse reductions, it happens that I have read a report on this topic in a newspaper. = Talking of energy saving and greenhouse reductions, I happen to have read a report on this topic in a newspaper. 谈到节能减排,我碰巧在一份报纸上看到有关这一话题的报道。3. When it comes to the young studying further abroad, many parents hold the view that children can have more chances to receive better education.当谈到青少年出国留学的问题,许多家长认为孩子们可以有更多的时机接受到良好的教育。4. For these reasons, I think that receiving college education in China is wise.基于这些理由, 我认为在中国接受大学教育是明智的。

5. By using computers, people can talk face to face even if they are in different parts of the world. 网络给我们提供了即时身在世界差别角落也能面临面交流的时机。四、连句成篇学校为了提高我们的环保意识,开展了一次“低碳生活,从我做起” Low carbon life, starts from me 的运动。


运动呼吁我们认真思量低碳生活的有用措施。我们讨论出:1. 不随地乱扔垃圾、吐痰;并正确处置惩罚垃圾,做好垃圾分类。2. 节约资源,包罗水,电,粮食等。

3. 不滥用塑料袋,改用可重复使用的环保袋。4. 出行多乘坐公共交通;骑自行车也是不错的选择,既可以掩护生存情况,又可以磨炼身体。Recently, in order to raise our awareness of environmental protection, our school carried out an activity whose theme is “Low carbon life, starts from me”. The activity calls on us to take the useful measures into consideration seriously. After discussion, we think that we should not litter and spit everywhere and in terms of dealing with rubbish, we can sort it. In our daily life, we should also save resources, including water, electricity and food, and furthermore, when going shopping, we should use reusable recycle bag instead of plastic bags. If we want to go out, we can take public transport, and of course, riding bicycles is a good choice because it can not only protect living environment but build up our body strength.【电子版获取方式,私聊或者留言获取】。